Gallery of Bully Girls part 5

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FV 139 Bully Girls - 70 mins

(1) Sharon v Hanna

(2) Rachel v Kelly

In response to requests for clashes in which big women assert their physical advantage over smaller rivals, we've filmed these two storyline catfights. In the first one the girls wear bra and knickers and in the second, kelly is similarly dressed but Rachel manages to keep her dress on... Tall statuesque Sharon is goaded by petite Hanna into attacking her - and she doesn't like it when it happens. It's a long affair in which Sharon sits with all her weight on Hanna's tummy and even enjoys a lot of bouncing up and down. All Hanna's attempts to escape end in failure and finally she's forced to accept the inevitable and plead for mercy - but she has to wait a long time for it!

The second part takes place in a bar when sassy Kelly gets aggressive towards Rachel over some luggage that the bigger girl has left in the way of customers. Kelly's got plenty of lip, and the air is pretty blue, but she soon finds out that she's bitten off more than she can chew, and is forced into accepting that Rachel is the better woman. After all, there's an old saying that a good big'un will always beat a little'un.


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