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FV174 BULLY GIRLS 3 - 1 hour

1. CRYSTAL (217 lbs) v GIULIANA (110 lbs)

2. LILI (168 lbs) v LINDA (108 lbs)

Crystal is a big woman, and we mean big! So when the petite Giuliana upsets the black Amazon she makes a huge mistake. The women strip down to their underwear and Crystal really gets to work in squashing poor Giuliana by sitting with her full weight on her stomach. It's a long affair, but a very one-sided one - Guiliana just doesn't have what it takes to offer much resistance. 46 minutes of pure domination featuring the greatest weight disparity in any Festelle encounter. The next scene takes place in a bar. Beautiful Chinese Linda feels that she's free to smoke if she wants to but barmaid Lili , big and black, has other ideas. Before the smaller woman can light up she finds herself on the floor at the wrong end of some humiliating punishment. The size disparity isn't quite as great as in the first session but there's just as much domination.

Comment: The 'Bully Girls' series has proved very popular with its focus on a heavy girl sitting on a light girl's stomach, and this, the latest in the series, is a most worthwhile addition.

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